Spheriums.com is under construction, Only 5% of the game content is available on the website.
We update the website regularly to have it completed before the official release on PC later this summer.


The Adventure

Spheriums is a single-player adventure set in a series of enchanting worlds! As Arcos, the last hope of the Spherium race, you will embark on a journey to save your dying homeworld from its depleting energy sources.

The Inspiration

Spheriums is an original game, unlike anything you have played before. The game focuses on a surreal and stylized graphics visual with an emotional palette of colors to allow the player to enjoy the stunning visual atmosphere.

The duality of action and adventure in the game mechanics plays an essential part in the gameplay. The calming traveling music lets you explore the alien worlds, and a sudden shift from calm to an intense music tempo will engage the player in a heavy combat situation.

The game was designed with the whole family in mind. Strange creatures and fauna with no earth-like reference (except flowers 🙂 ) make Spheriums cartoonish and refreshing. You never know what you will discover…

The Roadmap

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