Bosboon is an exotic, dangerous extraterrestrial plant species. It is characterized by its unique spherical central body from which a root flower rapidly emerges when it senses nearby movement.


Upon sensing an approach, the Bosboon activates its defense mechanism. The mechanism involves the swift growth of a root flower from its spherical core. This flower is capable of launching a series of electrified chemical orbs, demonstrating a fascinating cross between biological and electrical behavior.


When these chemical orbs make contact with the surrounding environment, they create a combustion reaction, resulting in an area of burning electrical gas. This phenomenon can persist for a significant amount of time. The gas is known to be harmful to local fauna and potentially lethal to sentient beings that linger within the affected area for extended periods.


Common in most botanical environments.


The resilience of the Bosboon is notable, making it a difficult opponent to defeat. Targeted energy blasts at the root flower that springs from the plant’s core have been found to be the only effective method of neutralizing it. Caution is advised when engaging with this potentially deadly extraterrestrial flora.