The Dripix is an intriguing, bioluminescent organic creature that inhabits the dark and damp cave systems. Sporting a vibrant yellow-green hue, this creature primarily dwells on cave ceilings, seamlessly blending in with the cave’s natural environment. The Dripix emits a soft, glowing light, which serves as a source of illumination in the pitch-black caverns and as a captivating display to attract unsuspecting prey.

The most intriguing and dangerous aspect of the Dripix is its ability to produce and store small bags of highly corrosive liquid. These sac-like structures hang precariously from the creature’s underbelly and tend to drip the caustic substance onto the cave floor. When an unwary player ventures too close, the Dripix may release the entire bag of liquid, inflicting significant damage to the player’s shield.


Cave environments.