I am stuck in the game’s geometry; what can I do?2022-06-07T14:38:31+00:00

You can press the END key to respawn to the closest activated obelisk at any time. However, it will consume all of your energy.

Will you support Microsoft Xbox Play Anywhere?2022-06-04T13:34:18+00:00
When the game is ready for Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft online store, you will be able to buy it once and play it on either Xbox or PC. It only applies to the digital version and the Xbox ecosystem.
How long is Spheriums2023-03-19T17:39:02+00:00

The final release version will provide a minimum of 10 to 12 hours of gameplay with various options to diversify the challenges, such as difficulty levels and optional achievements.

Why Early Access?2023-03-19T17:41:12+00:00

Spheriums is an ambitious project for only 2 developers, and we value the relationship with the gamers that provide fantastic feedback to develop a better game. This is why we release the game as early access, to work with the community for the community.

We hope you try the early access version, but if you’re not ready, add it to your wishlist and consider us when we release the game officially.

How do you fund the development of Spheriums2023-03-20T13:07:56+00:00

We are using our own money to finance everything. From development tools, devkits, freelancers, etc. It requires a lot of money, patience, and hard work to get where we are today.

You can also help us by supporting us on Patreon.

By becoming a patron, you’ll access behind-the-scenes updates, exclusive content, and other rewards we’ve put together for our supporters. This is a great way to get more involved with our work and to help support us as a creator.

If you want to learn more, head to our Patreon page and check it out. And if you decide to become a patron, We want to say a big thank you in advance! Your support means the world to us.


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