Mexodine, the air elemental creature, exhibits remarkable agility and speed. Often found in groups, they have a unique hunting strategy that involves stealthily appearing from seemingly nowhere, adding an element of surprise to their attacks.

Mexodines employ their aerial maneuverability to circle their prey, effectively assessing the target and disorienting it. Then, when the time is right, they swiftly charge at the prey, employing their innate air elemental abilities to strip away any protective shields or directly drain the life force from their target.

Resembling a minuscule, green-slime-encased whirlwind, Mexodines leave a distinct trail in their wake as they move.

While their origins remain a mystery, the Mexodines’ unique characteristics and hunting techniques have captured the attention of those who have encountered them, making these air-elemental creatures a fascinating subject for further exploration and study.


Common in most environments.


Energy blast