The Poppox is an alien plant species found across various planets in the galaxy known for its indestructible nature. The Poppox has evolved to become a significant threat to any lifeform that dares to cross its path.

Physically, the Poppox is characterized by its thick, polymer-like stem and vibrant, iridescent leaves that shimmer in many colors.

One of the most dangerous aspects of the Poppox is its ability to sense the presence of nearby lifeforms. When it detects a potential threat, the plant can rapidly launch its razor-sharp seeds at high velocity, causing significant damage.

When hit multiple times, the plant may randomly drop a rare and sought-after element known as Popoxium.


Common in most botanical environments.


While it cannot be destroyed, the Poppox can be temporarily paralyzed by an energy blast of sufficient intensity. However, this paralysis state lasts for a short period of time, allowing creatures and players to pass by safely.