The Spikarootians is a highly adaptable alien root species found across various planets, showcasing an impressive range of colors and bioluminescent properties. These extraordinary roots can thrive in diverse environments and conditions, making them a prominent feature in many extraterrestrial landscapes.

Their striking hues, ranging from deep yellow to fiery reds, serve not only as a visual adaptation to their surroundings but also as a means to attract or deter potential threats. The more elusive, bioluminescent Spikarootians emit a mesmerizing glow, illuminating darkened areas and luring unsuspecting prey.

The Spikarootians’ primary method of attack involves their formidable spikes, which are as strong as they are sharp. These spikes, usually concealed beneath the soil, burst forth when triggered by the vibrations of passing players. The force of this sudden emergence is enough to cause significant damage to a player’s shield, making Spikarootians a formidable obstacle.


Common in most botanical environments.


All weapons.