The Spheriums

Sentient energy-based creatures known as Spheriums evolved in a highly advanced technological society where they exist as floating spheres of pure energy.

The Elders

Spheria’s founders are known as the Elders. Eons in the past, Spheriums reached the pinnacle of technological and cultural excellence. However, their prosperity was threatened when the Drainers attempted to conquer Spheria. The Elders responded by designing a set of potent implants that were integrated into the energy sphere to repel the Drainers.

Regrettably, once the Drainers were defeated, the implants posed a significant danger to their civilization, leading to a period of conflict known as the Great War. To safeguard Spheria, the Elders made the decision to remove and conceal the implants. Following this, tranquility has reigned supreme in the universe.

The Story

Greetings, Arcos. I am Kindra, an AI implant conceived by the Elders to assist you on your journey. Long ago, the Spherium civilization boasted incredible powers, but their misuse caused trouble after the Great War. So, to prevent extinction, the Elders concealed knowledge of these fantastic implants.

Unfortunately, our outposts’ energy transmission has drastically declined, putting our Spherium race at risk of extinction. In a bid to investigate and save our home planet Spheria, a team of scientists teleported you to Korala, where the Elders allegedly constructed the first energy-transmitting emitter.

It’s up to us to explore this uncharted territory, uncover the cause of the energy depletion, and restore it to safeguard our loved ones and our people. So let’s begin this crucial mission.

The Back-Story

Eons ago, in a distant galaxy, a highly advanced and wise race known as the Spheriums-Elders faced a dire threat from the Drainers, a ruthless race of invaders seeking to conquer and exploit the resources of the Elders’ civilization.

In order to protect their people, the Elders developed a series of offense and defense implants called Memorium that could be integrated into the Spherium energy beings, a unique lifeform native to their homeworld.

Once peaceful and tolerant, the Spherium energy beings were transformed into formidable warriors capable of wielding these powerful implants to defend their homes. In addition, these implants granted the Spherium beings incredible abilities, such as energy manipulation, telekinesis, and the power to manipulate matter at the atomic level.

Among the many powerful implants, Kindra stood out as the most potent of all.