V0.83 is out on Steam! We continue to enhance the gameplay and bring hot new features like Force Field & laser weapons.


  • Add a new Force Field implant.
  • Update Mazir world for new laser weapons and Force Field usage.
  • Add a new Drainer enemy TRX mk4 – Laser drone station.
  • Add a new Drainer enemy TRX mk5 – Laser defender.
  • The Tower on Mazir now fires laser instead of bullet projectiles.
  • Bango is now firing a bullet projectile at a very high velocity instead of just hitting the player without any visual reference.
  • Elastrum respawn rate has been changed from 10 minutes to 8 minutes for a better balance in the gameplay.
  • Rename TRX mk1 to TRX mk1 – Protector and TRK mk2 to TRX mk2 – Bomber.


  • Add missing collision to TRK-MK2.
  • Add missing collisions for many of the foliage in Mazir world.
  • The game difficulty text is easier to read in the Options Tab of the Settings section, but the UX is still not completed.
  • The difficulty level name in the New Game dialog box is now displayed correctly in the French language.


  • Materials on the new TRX may be confusing and will be enhanced in an upcoming release.